FRIDAY April 12th ::: 7-9pm
Adobo-Fish-Sauce (AFS) Performance & Open Mic
Food - Poetry - Performance - Conversation
Tickets $15 ::: 16 seats only
Only 6 open mic slots if you want to perform - sign up at the event

9-11pm AFS TurnUP ::: Dance Party
Dance Party on Friday Night? Duh
No ticket required for entry

A Puerto Rican and a Cambodian walk into a kitchen. The kitchen is your heart. The food is made with food. The food is sometimes poems. Either way you are fed. Adobo-Fish-Sauce is an active choice to celebrate in the face of bitterness. It is responding to “Go back to where you come from!” by bringing where they come from right to you. The show fuses spoken word, cooking, theatre, crying and laughing to create a one of a kind experience that can’t be found in any restaurant or open mic.

We invite you to feel.

On Friday, April 12th, we will continue to explore this notion of home through another iteration of our ‘housewarming’ series. We welcome your presence and your poems as we challenge the ways that we gather and what open mics can look and feel like. Join us by participating in storytelling and conversations over moments of intentionality while we share the stage and food with each other. Guests are asked to bring something that they feel best answers the question: if home could fit in your pocket…