THURSDAY April 11th ::: 6-9pm
Join us for the Opening Meal hosted by Make Art and Cry
Dinner - Gathering - Conversation - Performance
+ Earth Meditation with Wes Sam-Bruce
Tickets $15 ::: 10 seats only

Make Art and Cry
is a Boston based collective comprised of husband and wife artist duo Carlie and Febo. As a collective, Make Art and Cry examines the world around them and how they exist in it. Specifically, they think about how they exist in relation to each other, to other people, and to space. This is done by creating intentional experiences that explore fear, healing, vulnerability, growth, and what it means to be fully heard and seen internally and externally. Through performance, gathering, visual art, and facilitation, they create spaces that invite the viewers in. The work encourages participants to peer into the window of Carlie and Febo’s sometimes messy life to then examine what it means to be human, to examine their own relationships, and to look into the mirror and examine themselves. 

Make Art and Cry provides opportunities for participants to step in, physically and emotionally. They explore the things that exist just below the surface, the things that can be a bit complicated, the things that exist on the periphery, the things that make you human. Whether it is through a performance, discussion, action, or formal event, Make Art and Cry uses art as a language to communicate and to understand each other and participants more deeply.

Victoria DelValle

Victoria DelValle

FRIDAY April 12th ::: 4-6pm
Up & Coming Pop Up Exhibition
Featuring Artwork and Poetry from
Amireh Rezaei-Kamalabad & Victoria Alicea DelValle
This event is FREE - no ticket required

Amireh Rezaei-Kamalabad is a Boston-based artist studying at Hunter College. Amireh’s artwork is inspired by scientific research and animals. She has always been interested in natural history museums, collections, and taxidermy. Overall, she hopes her artwork encourages curiosity and showcases the art within nature.

Victoria Alicea DelValle is a Puerto Rican Boston-based artist who studies Interactive Media Arts at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She uses painting, drawing, photography, poetry, and fabrication in order to document her experiences and her expanding identity. She is focused on experimenting with mixed media and concepts to further push the boundaries of her art.

Pro Tip ::: Go to this event, do dinner somewhere, and come back for the AFS TurnUP dance party at 9.


FRIDAY April 12th ::: 7-9pm
Adobo Fish Sauce (AFS) Performance & Open Mic
Food - Poetry - Performance - Conversation
Tickets $15 ::: 16 seats only
Only 6 open mic slots if you want to perform - sign up at the event

9-11pm AFS TurnUP ::: Dance Party
Dance Party on Friday Night? Duh
No ticket required for entry

A Puerto Rican and a Cambodian walk into a kitchen. The kitchen is your heart. The food is made with food. The food is sometimes poems. Either way you are fed. Adobo Fish Sauce is an active choice to celebrate in the face of bitterness. It is responding to “Go back to where you come from!” by bringing where they come from right to you. The show fuses spoken word, cooking, theatre, crying and laughing to create a one of a kind experience that can’t be found in any restaurant or open mic.

We invite you to feel.

On Friday, April 12th, we will continue to explore this notion of home through another iteration of our ‘housewarming’ series. We welcome your presence and your poems as we challenge the ways that we gather and what open mics can look and feel like. Join us by participating in storytelling and conversations over moments of intentionality while we share the stage and food with each other. Guests are asked to bring something that they feel best answers the question: if home could fit in your pocket…


The night will start off with an intro and performance from AFS. then move into an open mic around the table while AFS finishes cooking the food. As food is served and the open mic comes to an end, we enjoy our food over conversation. For dessert, AFS will close the night with another performance.  

Menu: "Hearty home soup" - Caribbean root vegetables, plantains, steamed rice, assorted fruits and snacks


SATURDAY April 13th ::: 11-2pm
Feminist Portrait Series
+ Celestial Bodies Art & Poetry Activity with the Cauldron
$20 for a 20 minute Photo Session - Book your slot ahead of time

Come stand in your power and explore how you connect with the natural world. Cauldron co-founders Carlie and Kate will be running this feminist photoshoot and “Celestial Bodies” art and poetry activity.

Get a portrait taken by Carlie in front a backdrop featuring artwork by Wes Sam-Bruce accompanied by lush plants. Kate will guide you through an activity that explores how you relate to nature and connect to your power. You will walk away with a personalized zine and 5 portraits.

*Carlie will deliver 5 final images within seven days of the photo shoot.


SATURDAY April 13th ::: 6-10pm
The Cauldron Meal
Potluck Dinner - Gathering - Conversation - Magic
+ Performance from Make Art and Cry
This event is free - but a ticket is required
This meal is a Vegetarian Potluck Dinner

The Cauldron is a feminist community building project in the Boston area. We are honored to host a special Brooklyn event for Friends Weekend.

At this Brooklyn feminist meal we will bond over good food, good energy, standing in our power, self-care, supporting each other, and feminist magic. This potluck style communal meal is one of the IRL ways we get new folks to together, get vulnerable, and get full. Come join us! This event is a Vegetarian Potluck, so please plan on bringing a veggie-friendly dish to share and a utensil to serve it with.

The Cauldron is a reckoning. We believe in taking up space. We believe in unapologetic fury. We believe in intersectional feminism. We believe in softness. We believe in radical listening. We believe in brazen joy. We believe in vulnerability. We believe in what can happen when we consciously gather. The Cauldron is non-stop magic.


SUNDAY April 14th ::: 4-6pm
Group Sling hosted by Febo
Earth Meditation with Wes Sam-Bruce
A Walking, Writing & Feeling Workshop
6-8pm Closing Meal
Dinner-Gathering-Art Activity
+ Final Performance from MA&C
$15 Ticket ::: Only 10 seats
*Your ticket gets you in the Sling & Meal on Sunday*

What is a sling? Walking. Invitations = prompts. Intentions. Connecting with the here and now. Opening the bridge between your mind, body, and voice.

Slinging combines walking with intention and invitations for participants to explore themselves and the world around them. It is a technique developed by Febo as a way to connect thinking and feeling with moving, talking, and writing. Guests will be taken through a presentation on what slinging is, the various forms it can take, and develop a sling for themselves that they will be able to engage with that same evening.

What is an Earth Meditation? Part Meditation, Part Performance Art, Part Summer Camp Game. Through creative empathy, Earth Meditations connect us with other people, the more-than-human world, and ourselves.

After the Sling and Earth Meditation, we’ll be met with an intentional and intimate meal, hosted by Make Art and Cry to close off the day / weekend. We’ll share food, conversation, and a performance. This will be a beautiful experience to wrap up a weekend of connection.


Feel Free to reach out with any questions about the event :::