SUNDAY April 14th ::: 4-6pm
Group Sling hosted by Febo
Earth Meditation with Wes Sam-Bruce
A Walking, Writing & Feeling Workshop
6-8pm Closing Meal
Dinner-Gathering-Art Activity
+ Final Performance from MA&C
$15 Ticket ::: Only 10 seats
*Your ticket gets you in the Sling & Meal on Sunday*

What is a sling? Walking. Invitations = prompts. Intentions. Connecting with the here and now. Opening the bridge between your mind, body, and voice.

Slinging combines walking with intention and invitations for participants to explore themselves and the world around them. It is a technique developed by Febo as a way to connect thinking and feeling with moving, talking, and writing. Guests will be taken through a presentation on what slinging is, the various forms it can take, and develop a sling for themselves that they will be able to engage with that same evening.

What is an Earth Meditation? Part Meditation, Part Performance Art, Part Summer Camp Game. Through creative empathy, Earth Meditations connect us with other people, the more-than-human world, and ourselves.

After the Sling and Earth Meditation, we’ll be met with an intentional and intimate meal, hosted by Make Art and Cry to close off the day / weekend. We’ll share food, conversation, and a performance. This will be a beautiful experience to wrap up a weekend of connection.