THURSDAY April 11th ::: 6-9pm
Join us for the Opening Meal hosted by Make Art and Cry
Dinner - Gathering - Conversation - Performance
+ Earth Meditation with Wes Sam-Bruce
Tickets $15

Make Art and Cry
is a Boston based collective comprised of husband and wife artist duo Carlie and Febo. As a collective, Make Art and Cry examines the world around them and how they exist in it. Specifically, they think about how they exist in relation to each other, to other people, and to space. This is done by creating intentional experiences that explore fear, healing, vulnerability, growth, and what it means to be fully heard and seen internally and externally. Through performance, gathering, visual art, and facilitation, they create spaces that invite the viewers in. The work encourages participants to peer into the window of Carlie and Febo’s sometimes messy life to then examine what it means to be human, to examine their own relationships, and to look into the mirror and examine themselves. 

Make Art and Cry provides opportunities for participants to step in, physically and emotionally. They explore the things that exist just below the surface, the things that can be a bit complicated, the things that exist on the periphery, the things that make you human. Whether it is through a performance, discussion, action, or formal event, Make Art and Cry uses art as a language to communicate and to understand each other and participants more deeply.