Fall Equinox - a Meditation

Fall Equinox - a Meditation

Fall Equinox - A Meditation

Dearest Planet Earth,

You, with your tilting axis at 23.5 degrees,
Spinning around your core at 1000 miles per hour,
with you dual hemispheres embodying paradox

North South, Day Night, Summer Winter

You rotate around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour,
bringing light and dark, light and dark light and dark…

Day after illuminated day
Night after inky night 
Year after spinning year

Most of these lights and darks, these days and nights
are different lengths, 363 of 365 days of the year

it’s like this because you are, 
like a tree - swaying in the cosmic wind.
Tilting towards the sun, and then away from sun
like leaning in for a kiss and then pulling back

Tilted away gives us our long, cold winters, 
Tilted towards gives us our hot, bright summers
It offers us seasons, and life cycles
and through that - our human metaphors

We grow from the soil and must reap what we sow in this world

But this day of paradox, these days of equinox,
one in the spring and one in the fall,
Vernal and Autumnal,
are thresholds, 
they are gates to be stepped through

Literally meaning, “Equal Night”
they are an equal balance between light and dark
12 hours for each on these two distinct days of planetary justice

These days, are days of planting and harvest
of change, and rest, and of vision casting for the future

They are days to be recognized and acknowledged 
as high water marks on the year,
They are the pause between high tide and low tide

They embody giving and receiving, ebb and flow, inhale and exhale

May this threshold of equal day and night, 
bring you awareness of the shifts and changes in your own life
May it bring acceptance to the long rhythms of your life
May it bring forgiveness and fresh soils to your life,
as these gifts of light and dark are eternally given back and forth
May it bring Harvest to your life
May you give and receive equally today, as that is today’s nature
May you deeply embody all earth-bound living metaphors
that you and every other humans; dead; living; and yet to come
share with the fertile body of the Earth

We are alive in a living world

Go out - and live this wisdom
that is spinning all around you
and within you


What threshold, transition, or change are you experiencing in your life right now? I would love to hear your story about it. Leave it in the comment section below, or send me a message at wes@livethecuriouslife.com

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